Pool 360° VR

Welcome to play Pool 360° VR!

Improve your skills playing pool with virtual reality!
Game is simulation of billiards game. Use your Google Cardboard to dive into magic atmosphere.
How to play?
You're controlling the cue ball. You will fly above it continuously.
All you need to do is to aim the ball you want to struck and press trigger or touch the screen.
Don't let cue ball to fall into pocket - you will lose in this case.
It's important to choose power of shot. Aim-circle is changing color every second.
○ Light green is x1 multiplier
◍ Orange is x4 multiplier
● Red is x16 multiplier
How are scores calculated?
✓ You will get from 33 to 99 points for each ball.
✓ Beat them faster and make as less shots as possible in order to get maximum points.
Have fun playing Pool 360° VR!