Let's Count

Welcome to play Let's Count for kids!

This game is learning tool, which will help you to teach your toddler to count.

How this game will help to teach to count? 

Baby remembers the sequence of numbers while repeating simple action and getting the same results. Touch fruit - hear number. Playing with different fruits baby will understand, that it doesn't matter what to count. The most important is how to count - use your finger in order to point to items one by one and start pronouncing the sequence.

What is there inside the game?

There're four sets of fruits and berries. Two of them are for free, another two costs some money. Each set contains few pictures of the same fruit. Game starts from displaying 10 items from chosen set. When you click on fruit - it bursts and counter increases. You will be hearing the counting voice while you're clicking fruits.

Whose voice I will hear?

You may synthesize all phrases using voice synthesizer, which is built in your device. You can also record all phrases with your own voice. This is amazing feature - your kid may play game which speaks with voice of mom or dad. Otherwise you can disable any voice and play with baby together.

What else do you have?

If you buy any set of fruits or full version you will get two additional modes: "Count to 20" and "Sliced parts". If your kid already counts to 10, you can raise this level to 20 by enabling this mode in settings. You can enable sliced parts of fruits - this will help baby to learn some fruits too.

Is it really workable approach?

Yes, it is, but you have to remember, that nothing won't teach your baby, except you. But this game may help you doing this. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them using our contact details that are listed at the bottom of the page.

Good luck!