Private Screenshots

Improve your phone with Private Screenshots!

Make screenshots and keep them privately. Snapchat can't detect them anymore.

Some apps detect when you're making screenshots on your device. They also notifies person, which you're chatting with, about the fact that you made screenshot. Now you can make screenshots completely privately.

How it ensures privacy?
All files saved into private app's directory. App doesn't broadcast any message about new screenshot. Any other app can't access screenshots directly. Only you can browse them, share or delete.

How it works?
App launches 'presentation' mode on your device and captures whole screen's content. It displays screenshot button, so just press it and app will save current display's frame as screenshot.

How to use?
  • Press START button
  • Grant permissions to allow capturing content of display
  • Press screenshot button in order to make screenshot
  • Press and hold screenshot button in order to return back to app
  • Press STOP button in order to exit from 'presentation' mode