March 09, 2016

Android Dashboards - March 7th

Latest statistics about version of Android available on as usual. We can see KitKat keeps losing its users and from other side here is stable progress for Lollipop and Marshmallow. It's a very good reason to switch for minSdkVersion=19.

I've realized that page "Android Dashboards" needs another set of data in section "Screen Sizes and Densities".

Currently there's single table with qualifiers "screen size" and "screen pixel density". Both of them are obsolete and rarely used.

Modern apps rely on qualifiers "small width/height" and "available width/height" instead. Some of devices use custom density multiplier which is out of set of regular qualifiers like mdpi, xhdpi, etc. For instance Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P have 2.6x and 3.5x multipliers.

So, it's better to provide distribution table grouped by screen sizes in dp units and real density multiplier, like this table has:

I created an issue with the same description. If you agree with these terms, please, vote for this issue.

I also suggest you to visit this document if you want to discover history of Android versions and play with forecast.